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On this page you can add comments on Patrick O'Farrell's works or teaching. This is really an informal forum where past students and colleagues  - or indeed those coming to his work for the first time - are welcome to add their own take on his life and work, or even to relate an interesting anecdote ...

So please feel free to read on, and if you wish, write away ...

edward hopkins

Patrick was one of my lecturers at UNSW in the years 1961 to 1963.Jock Salmon was the Foundation Professor of History and as he was a New Zealander I assume Patrick and he shared some common values.I have often wondered what became of Prof Salmon.I know that at the time he married Coral Lansbury.Now I am living in Dunedin and it all seems a long time ago.

gerard o'farrell

Of course he was my Dad, but making this website, going through all the pictures, articles, and a thousand other general things surrounding the whole process, has been a whole new development in my understanding of what he did, and what he wrote. For me - a rare privilege indeed to have been able to be part of this.

Greg Byrnes

Professor O'Farrell generously answered my enquiries, sending photcopies of rare material. I continue to be amazed at the depth of his reading and thinking. Thank you.

Les Brown

I'm from
Christchurh,NZ,and my mother was Margaret Farrell(Dolly) and my father
Les Brown and he is in the photo with Bill Farrell in your father's book Vanished Kingdoms.

Anyway I did want to tell you that I spoke to your father when my wife
Gail,son James and daughter Vanessa were in Sidney back in 1993 I
think it was but he was just about to leave for a lecture trip to
Melbourne.I did want so much to meet him after reading his book
Vanished Kingdoms with the mention of my mum and dad ,and the photo of
dad in it.I can't remember if your father ever came to our farm at Hook
but I do remember Father Tim,your uncle ,there when mum was looking
after her father, Jack.I have a photo of me with your grandfather
Paddy,as he was known to us,at the farm at Hunter,Sth Canterbury.I was
only about 3 or 4 years old I think........

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